They warned tag not to be a hero,
but he couldn't help himself.
TITLE Tag -- You're It
WGA# 1030010
AUTHOR(S) Dan Hubp and Steve Waldman
CONTACT 323.512.5479 |
TYPE Screenplay
GENRE Comedic Horror-Thriller
SETTING LA and surrounding area
BUDGET $1 million or less
LOG LINE TAG and his hipster buddies find a video camera that foretells the future and each sets out to use it for their own benefit with tragic
and comedic consequences.
CAST 7-10 main/supporting characters
A/B-listers or up-and-comers.

notes from a recent script coverage

A LA Tag -- You're It resides somewhere between Scream and Scary Movie. Without being infantile, it resonates a Scooby Doo type suspense and playfulness.
HIGHLIGHTS Smart title, digest-able premise, develop-able hook. Quick read. Strong commercial potential.
POTENTIAL Tag -- You're It offers something guiltily memorable that should spawn sequels a la Urband Legend and Final Destination.
CASTING Stories many twists provide an excellent platform for up and coming actors to showcase their range of talents
THOUGHTS Well paced. Second act contains solid natural beats. Nicely placed, tiny elements reward attention. Good use of LA landscape.
AUTHOR BIO Dan & Steve have written a fun, colorfully castable, bankable cross-genre pic. They seek Representation and should be considered clients capable of churning out ideas that go ka-ching.