The touch: A gift or curse?
TITLE Amazing Grace
WGA# 1749500
AUTHOR(S) Anthony J. Coe
CONTACT 714-330-2358 |
TYPE screenplay
GENRE drama
SETTING Rural/Mid-West - Present day
BUDGET $500,000 - $1,000,000
LOG LINE ZoŽ has never felt the joy a simple touch can bring. From the moment of her birth, someone elseís touch has always brought her great pain and sorrow.
CAST 7-10 characters
HIGHLIGHTS If you could cure HIV with a simple touch, would you? What if you had to die the slow, painful death of an AIDS victim to do it? Does your answer change if itís for a family member versus a friend? What about a total stranger? Imagine being faced with this type of dilemma everyday.
AUTHOR BIO Anthony remembers spending time as a child watching folks walk down the street and making up entire stories based on the brief glance. He believes in the overall goodness of people and uses his writings to help reveal things for what they really are.