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TITLE The Moscow Bears
WGA# 1136903
AUTHOR(S) Kent Dunston
CONTACT (954) 980-6689 |
TYPE Novel
GENRE Sports
SETTING Moscow, USSR and the USA
BUDGET $5,000,000 - $20,000,000
LOG LINE An aging, ex-NFL coach, a Soviet cosmonaut and a ragtag group of ex-Soviet athletes join forces to invade the US with their unique brand of American Football.
CAST 10+ characters
HIGHLIGHTS In the years leading up to the collapse of the USSR, Americanski Futbol was vilified by the Soviet government as a “hooligan sport”. The Goscomsport –The State Committee for Sport–prohibited anyone from playing the game, until the fall of the Berlin Wall opened Russia up to the "new" sport.

The story involves a group of aging Soviet athletes who band together to create a team, in hopes of attracting sponsors and playing in America. The plot centers on the main character and a sports promoter who discover the group of Russians attempting to play. The promoter creates an American exhibition tour and hires an ex-NFL coach to live in Moscow to help the team prepare. Coach becomes motivated to prove he’s not over-the-hill and attempts to use the stunt as a way of returning to the NFL.

AUTHOR BIO During the early 1990’s, Kent was the NFL’s sole consultant to the Soviet Union. It was at this time, he created an event that was featured in a six-page spread for LIFE Magazine. The article was to have been on the magazine’s cover, but Jim Henson passed away and Kermit became the story. This very humorous article was the precursor for the first appearance in the USA of a Soviet football team. A true story.