Jack Porkski’s a big ham -- literally!
TITLE The Transplant
WGA# 1011956
AUTHOR(S) Phil Heirendt
CONTACT (630) 393-3459 | pmhsite@sbcglobal.net
TYPE Screenplay
GENRE Romance
SETTING Present day, any city
BUDGET Big Budget
LOG LINE A butcher loses his larynx to an unexplainable cancer. The only solution is the transplant of a pig’s vocal chords.
CAST 7-10 characters
HIGHLIGHTS Jack Porkski has cancer of the larynx. At a well-known medical center, doctors assess his medical condition. The only solution is a transplant of vocal cords. Human cords will be rejected, so doctors experiment by injecting Jack’s DNA into various lab animals to see which can be cloned.

When a pig is injected– like magic–it mimics sounds of human speech. (Squealish, but intelligible.) Therapists teach Jack to talk, but he is lonely. So the doctors interview various women, before placing him with an old girl friend: Jill Bulbous. Jack and Jill move into a two-bedroom apartment. Each occupies a separate bedroom. Jack returns to his job as a butcher at the meat-packing house. Every time Jack cuts up a pig, he squeals. Co-workers laugh. Jill becomes a Speech Therapist in the animal lab of the same medical center where Jack’s operation took place. It’s there she meets Bob, a Research Scientist. Because of all the DNA injections, lab animals begin to take on human/Jack characteristics. Jill and Bob grow fond of each other. Jack notices a difference in Jill’s behavior. The Jack-DNA inspired lab animals convince Jill Jack’s the one. Good thing: because Bob was only looking for a wife to take care of his fourteen year-old son. Jack and Jill fall in love and get married.

AUTHOR BIO Phil is a writing/editing/proofreading professional with a decade of experience. He is also an experienced video producer, accomplished film extra and substitute teacher.