The chase is on.
TITLE Hotheads
WGA# 991989
AUTHOR(S) Jack Hardy
TYPE Screenplay
GENRE Romantic Thriller
SETTING Contemporary. The desert. LA to Vegas and back.
BUDGET $500,000 - $1,000,000
LOG LINE A guy from Los Angeles is angry after his girlfriend is killed in a drive-by shooting, so he heads to the desert to get away from it all. Unfortunately, he finds even more trouble there.
CAST 4-6 characters
HIGHLIGHTS A guy from Los Angeles has burgeoning romance with girl from the mean streets. After she is accidentally killed by a stray bullet, he heads to the desert to escape. Along the way, his car gets totaled by a hit and run driver. He gets so pissed, he chases and eventually catches up with the other car–only to discover a damsel in distress. Instead of retribution, he agrees to help her evade her pursuers. The chase takes them to Las Vegas, where they come across much the same violence he experienced in LA.
AUTHOR BIO Jack Hardy loves chase scenes. He wrote Hotheads as an ode to his favorite scenes from Bullitt and a variety of other film favorites–applying his own, unique twist to each chase.