Meet Luke James.
He’s the last man alive.
TITLE pop. 1
WGA# 1123247
AUTHOR(S) William J. Jenkins
CONTACT (636) 634-6160 |
TYPE Screenplay
GENRE Suspense
SETTING The near future. A destroyed United States.
BUDGET $5,000,000 - $20,000,000
LOG LINE The Meek Shall NOT Inherit The Earth! Omega Man in the Land Of The Dead.
CAST 10+ characters
HIGHLIGHTS A world-wide plague turns every man, woman, and child into a mindless, cannibalistic zombie. Except for Luke James, who’s completely immune to the plague but must stand helplessly by as civilization disappears around him.

As Luke wanders from city to city looking for survivors, we’re witness to a hopeless, dead world. When he discovers a maximum security prison populated by the mankind’s last survivors, he believes he has found an oasis. But this is no sanctuary–the prison’s occupants are dominated by a power-crazy warden and his band of fanatical guards who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

AUTHOR BIO William is 41 years old and has been happily married for 19 years. He has two wonderful sons and has always wanted to write a film about the ultimate zombie experience.