The WOW in VOW.
TITLE For Richer or Poorer
WGA# 1054802
AUTHOR(S) Phil Heirendt
CONTACT (630) 393-3459 |
TYPE Screenplay
GENRE Romance
SETTING Present day: Beverly Hills, CA
BUDGET Big Budget
LOG LINE Money can‘t buy happiness, but it sure can rent it!
CAST 7-10 characters
HIGHLIGHTS Vicki Smythe (55)–wife of a Harold Smythe, III (65), billionaire oil tycoon–is driving down Rodeo Drive in her Rolls Royce Convertible. As she teaches her Poodle POOFY to steer, the car veers into the oncoming lane. She’s pulled over by Sam Glummel (55), a Beverly Hills Police Officer, who just happens to be her old classmate/boyfriend from high school. Sam gives her a warning and they go out for coffee to catch up. Vicki has enjoyed a Beverly Hills lifestyle, but hardly sees her husband. Sam is divorced and almost ready to retire. Vicki and Sam are each disgusted with their lives. They begin to spend time together and their relationship grows. When Harold returns from Zurich with his Legal Assistant/Mistress Laura Williams(35) sparks fly. Vicki demands a divorce and 20% of Harold’s net worth. Harold refuses. Sam and Vicki video-tape Harold and Laura as black mail. At a party, Harold and Laura become a bit too cozy and Vicki can’t take; so she calls Sam to be her escort. When Harold finally meets Sam, he demands Vicki quit seeing him. They stop, but continue their surveillance of Harold and Laura–who return to Zurich only to discover one of Harold’s oil tankers has crashed into the southern tip of India. Harold’s loses everything. Vicki cashes out with $100 million. Harold demands Vicki return the money. Vicki threatens to release the video. Harold grants her the divorce–Vicki and Sam get married.
AUTHOR BIO Phil is a writing/editing/proofreading professional with nine plus years of experience. He’s also an accomplished extra and dedicated substitute teacher.