Steaks not Stakes!
TITLE Not So Roughing It
WGA# 1092279
AUTHOR(S) Joseph Antonishek
CONTACT 323.600.5960 |
TYPE Treatment
GENRE Instructional
LOG LINE Easy, at-home kitchen prep for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. Helps turn everyday campers into five star chefs.
HIGHLIGHTS Published in Angeleno and GQ Magazines.
EPISODES Kern River breakfast

Thanksgiving at Big Sur

Beach Clam bake

Game during Hunting season

Camping in Death Valley

Garlic in Gilro

Dutch-ovens at Ansou Borejo

Santa Barbara wine

Lake Tahoe Chuck wagon

Camping at Yosemite

Joshua Tree's native American Dishes

Regional dishes of Mexico

AUTHOR BIO Campfire Joe is Joseph Antonishek–an accomplished chef who enjoys the outdoors as much as he loves the kitchen. Educated at the Culinary Institute of America, he's done his thing for the Mondrian, L'Ermitage, the Argyle and Obar in Los Angeles, as well as the Messa Grill in New York.